No Gray Area

We learn as we go along. This is one lesson I always took to heart. I know I'm not perfect, nobody is, but I can go back to that place to remind myself that things have to happen, words have to be said and accepted, and feelings have to get hurt along the way. All these will make me a better person. I may not understand them now, I may hate the universe for taking a wild swing at me from nowhere, I can curse fate all I want, but it's all part of God's great plan to bring me to where I need to be and to turn me into the person I need to become.

Without trials and tribulations, our lives would be just as humdrum and pointless. We're diamonds in the rough. Before we know it, we'll show the world the brilliance that has always been within us and not a dark cloud in our path can ever block our stellar.

Looking forward to brighter days. Always.

Top: Vintage | Pants: from the office | Shoes: MSE | Wallet from Davao | Necklace from Quiapo

This particular outfit was a result of one of those, I-have-absolutely-nothing-to-wear-so-I'll-just-throw-on-the-first-thing-I see. Ha ha!

I had gotten tired of wearing six-inch-heels to work everyday, so I whipped out these ultra-comfy wedges to add contrast (oh and I managed to squeeze in a little yellow and mustard accents to boot!) to my otherwise gray-scale palette.

You might also be asking why the pictures seem so orange? Ria, my new-found photography pal (and a new addition to our little family at work), was tinkering around with the Super Vivid setting of my camera. Lighting was pretty tricky that day too, so...

But in my humble opinion, these pictures can definitely speak for themselves. Ria has such a good eye and can capture the hell out of every moment!

The photos below are created with heaven-sent natural lighting (eventually, the sun did come out to play!) and with Ria's tricks up her sleeve. She'll have more mentions in this blog later on, you'll see. :)

Lakas maka-shampoo commercial ng shot above, don't you think? Ha ha!

Just remember, girls and boys, in life, there rarely are gray areas; oftentimes, there's just either/or OR neither/nor. It's all just a matter of perspective. Take every challenge as an opportunity to boost your yabang factor. Battle scars aside, you'll end up a victor in every battle, whether you lost the fight or not. Your wounds will prove how you've withstood the blows of fate and how you've emerged scathed yet soldiering on to greater and better heights.

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  1. I love the colors of your purse! :) Interested in following each other?

    xx, Edda