Review: Snoe Emutox

As I was running out of my L'Oreal Hydrafresh Mattifying Gel, I knew I had to find another moisturizer to replace it. I've had my share of good times with it, but since I was at the office a lot more and was inside an air-conditioned environment, I found that my skin became dry, especially since I have combination skin. I got dry patches (even to the point of flaking, unfortunately) and oilier in my nose area.

It's a known fact that the more dehydrated our skin gets, the harder it compensates by producing more sebum. You might think that just because it's not humid, your skin will stay matte, well think again. Quite frankly, my previous moisturizer, didn't do much justice for my skin anymore. Hence, my quest for the next best skin-thirst-quencher.

 I found just that and more in Snoe EmuTox. It's more than just a moisturizer, it also works as:

Damage Repair
Skin Regenerator
Skin Repair
Skin Protection
Pain management
100% Beautiful Skin
According to Snoe:

Pushing innovation to its limit, Snoe Emutox’ cutting edge serum fortified with Emu Oil and Acai Berry gives your skin a youthful lift making you look and feel instantly younger. Acai Berry’s potent anti-aging properties defend against the accumulation of pre-mature wrinkles while the Emu Oil’s amazing rejuvenating and moisturizing effects hastens its smoothening effect. Can be used as a primer before you apply your SPF lotion under your make up.

How to Use:

Gently apply the cream by placing a pea-sized amount on the tips of your fingers and spread evenly on your face in an upward and outward motion.

* It's not so much of a cream, it's really more of a gel. Just to show you a swatch:

One pea-sized amount is enough. :)
When blended lightly.
When fully blended into and absorbed by the skin


For external use only. Discontinue use if signs of irritation occur. If eye contact occurs, wash with water immediately. Do not swallow product. Keep out of reach of children

Active Ingridients:

Deionize Water, Carbopol, Propylene Glycol, Acai, Phenoxyethanol, Penetyleneglycol, PEG 40, Triceth-9, Emu Oil, Lycopene, Bengkoang, Vit.b3(niacinamide), Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin, Retinylpalmitate, Tocopherol (vit.e), Vit C

It may sound a little intimidating because of the Botox Serum on the label, but it also has emu oil and acai essence. I know what you're thinking. Botox?! I'm 21 years old, what can I possibly want botox for?! It's not that bad, really. Plus, it really helps bring out the best in my skin every time I apply it. Lately, my skin has been anything but stellar, perhaps due to stress, lack of sleep, and overall fluctuations, no thanks to my erratic hormones. So yeah. Want my take on it? Here you go:

What I like about it:
- It helped improve the clarity of my skin. I've been battling with small bumps, occasional breakouts, and uneven skin tone for a while.
- It works well with itchy bumps and rashes.
- Dries almost instantly, I don't have to wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed by my skin.
- Light-wearing, not too heavy.
- Removed premature fine lines in my undereye area
- I noticed that my dark undereye circles lightened. Before, I used tons of concealer to cover them. Now, I'm good with just a light swipe of concealer. Hopefully, with continued use, I can step right out without makeup (every girl's dream).
- There's so much product in one bottle! Talk about sulit! One bottle costs Php 449 in all Snoe outlets.
- Helps keep my skin firm yet supple (perhaps thanks to the Botox Serum ingredient?)
- The packaging is really cute! Snoe never fails to tickle my fancy!
- The pump dispenser makes for a more hygienic use of the product. 
- The bottle is made of a really sturdy glass material. It can definitely withstand wear and tear in my luggage. ;)

What I dislike about it:
- The scent - it smells weird. 

Overall, I give this elixir of sorts a thumbs up! Drop by any Snoe outlet (they have plenty) or check out their website for more info on this product and so much more: Snoe Beauty


  1. thanks for this review, I've seen this on Cinderella counter but quite hesitant to try it out as I haven't seen much review of this yet. But after reading this, I think I'll go grab one for myself ^_~

  2. Thanks for this review. I've been planning to buy it but I was kinda hesistant 'til I read your review. I finally decided to buy one! :)