Review: Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Fresh Custard Face and Body Powder in Honeydew Melon and Yogurt

Hello! I hope everyone's having a happenin' Sunday so far.

With the summer heat catching on, makeup can get really tricky to put on. I guess I learn the hard way. It's really not ideal to pack on the liquid fonda in this weather and cake on the powder on top of it, but today I will be sharing with you a small trick that I use whenever the heat gets unbearable. Who can stand the feeling of makeup melting on your face? Not me. Gross!

Anyway, here's something you can definitely try using this summer (or whenever you feel like it, especially when the temperature strikes a new high) - the Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Fresh Custard Face and Body Powder in Honeydew Melon and Yogurt. This particular product actually comes in a wide range of scents or varieties. I haven't really gotten the chance to drop by any Snoe outlet lately but if you do have the time, feel free to check them out or swing by their website HERE or their Facebook page: Snoe Beauty to find out more about their products.

For this very bottle, I must have gotten it late last year. I get most of my stuff out of curiosity. I like going around department stores and malls just to see what is new in the market. But I would have to say that for this powder, it took me about four trips to the kiosk (on separate occasions) before I bought it.

And silly me, I just found out today (yes, despite using this product for a few months now) that this particular variant is actually for neutralizing redness on the face - which is perfect for acne-prone or problematic skin types. However, since I don't have regular breakouts (thank goodness), maybe I should try the Tropical Cocktail variant next, just to help boost my summer glow. :)

I have also tried this for the body and not just for the face, but for the sake of focus, I will be discussing my thoughts on it as a face powder.

Snoe Says:

Fresh Custard Powder is the smoothest, most luxurious powder infused with Argan oil for a silky sensation. Its already added with anti-oxidant Acai berry and sunscreens for skin protection against the sun's damaging rays. This fragrant delight with an airy consistency will make sure you feel fresh; controls oil and shine. This ultra fine powder will also correct the most common skin imperfections and evens out skin tone.

Now that you've seen what Snoe has to say about this powder, let's move on to my personal thoughts:

What I Like About It:
- An entire bottle will last you a long time! You actually don't need much to shoo away the shine.
- It has lots of good stuff for your skin, like acai berry, sunscreen, and argan oil. It's more than just a powder, it's nourishing and protecting your skin at the same time.
- It's widely available. Snoe has lots of outlets now. You can also buy from their website.
- This definitely kills the shine and controls oil. It's a lot more wearable than your run-of-the-mill setting powder and it's a lot more Philippine-weather-compatible than most.
- Smells great!
- Doesn't break me out or bring out the whiteheads.
- It may look scary and ghastly green at first, but it does settle into your skin tone and adjusts to your color after a while.
- Doesn't reflect in flash photography.
- Good price, considering the amount of the product you're getting in one container. (this retails for about Php 249)
- Doesn't spill inside my bag, thanks to the cap/stopper. I would suggest that you transfer this to a loose powder container (like one that comes with a puff, you can get one from any department store) just so you won't have to lug the entire thing all the time.
- Even if I just found out about the redness-neutralizing property of this particular variant, I did kind of notice that it managed to even out my skin tone, especially on days when I have breakouts or when I'm healing from a breakout.
-Wears like a dream, if blended in properly. It's just like wearing baby powder, with the added goodness mentioned and oil control.

What I don't like about it:
- It has the consistency of poorly-milled gawgaw or flour. I like my powder to be a little more smooth to the touch. And they also say that it has an airy consistency? I don't think so.
- It has a tendency to just sit on top of your skin, if not blended in properly. I suggest that you use a powder brush or a kabuki brush in applying this.
- Don't expect this to be as long-wearing as your standard setting powder. I usually have to reapply it within 1-2 hours on days when I'm out and about and about 3-4 hours when I'm inside the office.
- For some people, the scent can be a turn-off.
-Can turn out to be a little chalky. Again, the trick is to blend it well so it harmonizes with your skin.

The opening of the bottle
It's not exactly finely-milled and airy in consistency.

Chalk, anyone?
Initial swatch. Don't freak out. It gets better once it's blended in.
Voila! It disappeared!

Here's how I use it. Also, so you guys can see what it does to my combination skin. Please note that I have the Maybelline BB Cream as a base and applied very minimal concealer. I have been out and about when I took this photos and this is the second time I applied the powder within the day.

Another tip: Shake off the excess from your brush, if necessary. It's better not to end up having streaks of green/white on your face at the end of the day. Or if you really must, just blend, blend, blend away!

Please pardon my kenkoy face.
La la la, just blending my powder in...
Ta-dah! Sorry if I look really haggard. It's the weather, yeah?
Overall, this powder is uhhhh-mazing! It's great for our hot and bothered weather here in the Philippines (and in other tropical countries as well!). It's not as heavy as your typical face powder and it lets your skin breathe through the heat. BUT it doesn't let the oilies out, at least not for a few hours.

Let me know what you think about this powder. Cheerio! :)


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  2. These tips are just on time for summer! I know you can relate with the tropical weather we have here in the Philippines.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. Thanks, Pauline! I agree, it's really best to go with lightweight formulations when it comes to makeup, especially around the summertime!

    2. Yes, definitely Ms. AJ :)