Altered Perspective

It's almost 11 PM and I'm still in the office. Yup, up until my very last day at work I am still grinding my gears hard to finish my deliverables (at least most of them anyway). I'm looking forward to getting that fresh start, yet a part of me is frightened. I have no idea what to expect and ironically, that's all part of the excitement.

Anyway, I went to this fashion show event by the graduating Fashion Students from DLS-CSB (it took place at the Rockwell Tent and was entitled Altered Perspective). I went with two of my work friends, Rae and Aldrin. We had dinner at Banana Leaf and drinks afterwards with Mark at Draft. Too bad I was feeling out of sorts and my flu was well on its way, we had to part ways early.

I'm not usually very edgy and when I got invites to see this show, I was so afraid I'd have nothing to wear, and with very little time to squeeze in any shopping at all, I knew I just had to close my eyes, draw from my closet, and hope for the best. I can't drown in a sea of people and personalities from the media and the fashion world. My neon numbers just won't cut it. My strategy: go basic and simple, aim for sophistication and throw in a little spunk into the mix.

Good thing I had this new leatherette skirt (with the tag on still!) and deep navy blue ever-reliable top from Forever 21 and unused booties from Forever 21. My bag was also new, a beautiful blue bag from Tory Burch. You can never go wrong with going basic, sticking with a deep palette and a punch of gold to further accentuate and complement my next big accessory - the bag. Hope it worked! :)

Here I am with my friends! :) Hello, Kuya Guard! :))
I'm getting sleepy now. Have to fix up and get home. I need to drive pa to QC tomorrow then to see my college org mates tomorrow night for an event. Ciao for now! Will post my top picks and make more kwento about the show tomorrow! :)

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  1. nice outfit! :) looking forward to your kwento!