Corporate Chic: Bloom Where You Are

Always strive to improve yourself.

If you follow me closely on Instagram, you'll notice I like posting inspirational and very positive messages to serve as notes-to-self and as reminders to others as well. I used to be a chronic pessimist but at one point, I figured, there's no harm in maintaining a certain sense of sunshine and joy in everyday and whenever possible, passing it along to others. True enough, it made life more bearable for me. Even when the Universe is unkind, my small glimmer of positive vibes helps me cope.

It's not enough to just be positive, we have to carry out that mindset and welcome all sorts of chances for growth to be better versions of ourselves and encourage others to do so too. I'm a firm believer that it's never too late to grow. There's always something more we can do. Life is a big classroom. It will be unfortunate if we let chances for learning to just pass us by, right? After all, in self-improvement, what have you possibly got to lose?

That's what I thought. Nothing. 

This week's outfit was all about embracing and trying new things. I recently discovered the power of comfy pants and how it can take you from functional to fab. I guess it's safe to say that you'll be seeing more of me rocking pants in the next couple of posts. Stick around.

White top: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Blazer: Custom-made
Sandals: Celine
Necklace: Luxe and Luster

Please welcome my work buddies once more! Only this time, we have a new addition to the group, Rafi!

Photos: Ja Quintana

What do you say? Yes to change? Yes to bigger, better and brighter things? Bloom, lovely. Bloom where you are.

P.S. I have recently enrolled at 360 Fitness Club right above my office. Here's a snapshot after my unofficial first day working out after a long time. It's the first time to try circuit training and I can't wait to get good at it!

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