Corporate Chic: Hearts and Spades

I always tell myself to make an extra effort to look nicer when going to work, but when you're barely keeping enough time set solely for makeup in the morning, you throw on the first thing you find and hit the door. I hate arriving late at work, so I always make it a point to be there AT LEAST 15 minutes ahead of my required time in.

On the rare occasion that I wake up early and have extra time to carefully plan my outfit (I barely do it at night, because I will change my mind in the morning for sure, so it's absolutely pointless and out of the question), I am often surprised by the results of my random selections. I dig into my closet to see if there are things I haven't really worn yet or much at all, and try to work around it. Who said anything about hitting the racks in stores every time you feel stuck in a fashion rut? The secrets are all in your closets! Just have patience to sift through and surprise yourself with your selection. Just like a deck of cards, right? You never really know what you're going to get, but the fun is in making it all your own. Call it a bluff or a win that's waiting in the wings, always remember to be fierce enough to fight for your hand. ;)

Top: Vintage
Inner top: Forever 21
Skirt: from Greenhills
Wallet: Ever New
Watch: Casio
Sandals: Parisian

Have a great weekend!

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