Review: Ilog Maria Feminine Wash

Us ladies have to do so many routines just to take care of our body. Perhaps putting on makeup may not be universal for all, but feminine hygiene is arguably one of the things we just can't do without. When I was entering my whole transition into puberty and adulthood, my mom was keen on instilling the value of taking care of my hygiene, especially when it comes to my "lady business." 

In that regard, I would like to share my thoughts on a product that for so long, I have been dying to try, but it wasn't until I had an event in Podium, where EchoStore had a branch, that I was able to snag it. I'm usually a brand loyalist once I've gotten used to some things that actually work for me. So for me to really crave for something new is big. I mean I want to try new things but I usually forget about that instant want feeling in a jiffy. Not for this one.

I'm talking about the Ilog Maria Feminine Wash. It's anything but ordinary. Over the years, I've read lot of good reviews on it. It's organic, it's in a solid format, it smells good, it's got loads of good stuff. Really, what's not to love? Read on to see my thoughts about it.

Source: Ilog Maria website

According to the Ilog Maria website:

We put extra doses of Propolis Gold in our formula for honey propolis face soap for added antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral action. We then add peppermint oil for an added cooling effect.Finally we add pure sampaguita oil for long lasting fragrance.

Used by women who want to feel really clean all day. Simply cool and refreshing.

CAUTION: Please keep away from heat or direct sunlight. Glycerine soaps melts in high temperature.
Natural soaps need to breathe and cure. They are best used after curing but safe to use immediately. You can put unused soaps in your clothes cabinet for storage after unwrapping them. They cure from 1-2 weeks to a month’s time ☺ 

Or that's what I thought. This is just my personal opinion and experience when I used the product. We all know some things may work for some people and may not fare so well for others. This is a good example of the latter.

Like I said, I wanted so long to try it and when I had the chance to finally do so, I was surprised to find that the hype I had for it suddenly plummeted to a level of disbelief. I love Ilog Maria with all my heart (I'm using their Royal Jelly Facial Oil at the moment and will try their Royal Jelly Hair Oil next), but this just didn't sustain itself in my good graces.

What I like about it:
- It's not like the commercial feminine wash at all! It's all organic and made fresh from Ilog Maria's own bee farm in Silang, Cavite.
- No-nonsense packaging. You can see the product right away.
- I was intrigued that it comes in a soap, and not in liquid format. (How I use it: I lather onto my palm first. I don't use it directly on the area.)
- Smells so good! It even made our bathroom smell like a field of flowers.
- Leaves a cooling sensation after use.
- Not drying, especially since our feminine parts are very sensitive and must be treated with utmost care.
- Honey is a good antibacterial substance. If you're suffering from bacteria-related concerns down there, this might be good for you/
- Doesn't really melt easily even if I use it everyday. It doesn't have preservatives, but it will last you a long time (if you're using it for one person only)
- Lathers quite well
- Affordable. The website sells it for a little less than Php 50, but I got mine at EchoStore Podium for about Php 100 (or maybe a little more than that, I forgot.)

What I don't like about it:
- In as much as I want to get it straight from the source, the farm is quite inaccessible. Or you really have to schedule a trip as they only have specific days in a week allowed for tours.
- At first it worked really well, but after a few weeks of continuous usage, it just made that area really itchy. This, in my opinion, is the biggest weight on the tipping scale. It went from Lovin' it! to Junk! Not falling .for that again! Sorry folks. Again, this is based on MY experience. It might work differently on your skin.

That is it for this feminine wash. I hope this review helped shed some light into your purchase decision. Ilog Maria has a wide array of good stuff, so please make sure to check out their site, or hit the nearest retail store that carry this proudly local and organic brand.

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