January Haul: Skin Care and Beauty Tool

Hey, hey!

I got some new skin care stuff today. My skin's been acting up lately.I figured, why not introduce new things in my skincare routine because I have to admit that I tend to slack off on maintaining any routine. I hope to at least sustain this one long enough to witness visible results and recommend these products to you guys for real. Hopefully these will work! I'll keep you guys posted!

Anyway, here are some my latest additions to my collection:

  • Deoproce Essence Moisture Skin (Green Tea Toner) - Php 625
  • Snoe Awesome Poresome Beauty Bar - Php 199
  • On an unrelated note, I got myself a new eyelash curler (Php 175) and spare rubbers (Php 45/3 pcs). This one is from FS Cosmetics (formerly Fanny Serrano Cosmetics). I read from a forum that this is a good one. My old eyelash curler keeps grabbing on to my skin. Blech!
I got the first and third from the SM Store in SM Santa Rosa and the beauty bar is from the Snoe store in the same mall. I find it odd that Samsung is now penetrating the skin care industry. I haven't done my research, but the saleslady said that the brand Deoproce has been around for 3 years, mainly in bigger SM malls (i.e. Megamall, Southmall, etc.) but has only recently come to Santa Rosa. It's a Korean skin care brand. Why not give it a go? 

*Side note: I have tried the beauty bar and the toner today and my skin feels so much better. Guess we'll just have to wait and see a couple more days and maybe even weeks if this attempt at salvaging my poor skin will be successful.

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