SGT Goes To: Suesh and Mizon Makeup Workshop

Hello, lovelies!

I know this post is waaay overdue, but I want to tell you about my experience anyway.

A couple of weeks back, I attended the Suesh Makeup Workshop in Alabang Town Center. There were multiple legs in other Suesh branches, but I was most available during their ATC run.

I was actually running late and since I left my car in Makati, I had to take the van going to Alabang. Good thing the workshop started a bit late, I didn't miss much. When I got there, there were about 8 ladies intently waiting and eager to learn about the latest in (Korean) makeup techniques and products. I should probably tell you that the workshop was graciously sponsored by Mizon and it featured the makeup artist, Ms. Kim Bit Na.

If pictures are worth are a thousand words, then please feast your eyes (instead of hearing me babble, haha!):

The event invite
From the Suesh Facebook page

Pictures from the workshop

The lovely ladies testing out each product that was used on the model (I got to swatch them on my hand too.)

Step 1: Prep the skin by cleansing properly, toning, and moisturizing.
Ms. Bit Na used multiple products for each, but I fell in love with the CC cream,
 which works as a multi-functional skincare product. (Spoiler Alert: I ended up buying the pink CC cream!)
I will write a separate post about the wonders and go in-depth about the said product (the CC cream) which is the latest craze in Korea (and other parts of the globe) right now. Some call it a color corrector, and there are other meanings for the acronym, but it all just points to great skin care in one amazing product. Unlike the BB cream, the CC cream will not promise to give you coverage. On me, however, it gives me a nice radiant glow (even when I put foundation on top), makes my skin look more alive than flat, neutralizes the redness and even manages to "color correct" some of my dark spots and imperfections on the face. On lazy days, I just use this and conceal other visible spots and I'm out the door! Again, watch out for my separate review on the product.

She now proceeds to apply the rest of the makeup, keeping the product usage at a minimum.
According to Ms. Bit Na, the trend in Korea, as far as makeup looks go, is to appear as fresh and youthful as possible. Therefore, matte is not the hero. You know how KPop stars manage to look so dewy and young all the time? It all boils down to using the right products that won't snatch the freshness factor from your skin, but restore and boost that glow! It's a natural-but-not-naked face that they go for in Korea. After all, we go to great lengths to chase down the fountain of youth, right? 

Tip: Use lighter-colored products, especially on your cheeks and on your lips. You can never go wrong with pinks and peaches. Just find one that's flattering for your skin tone and skin type. You need not be KPop fair, you can achieve that youthful glow and rock that tan, girl! Just remember never to deprive your skin of that dewiness and freshness that it needs.

Anyway, while the whole face makeup was being applied on the model, I kind of wandered off, looking around the room for distractions stuff to take pictures of and show you guys!
Some of the products used

Mizon's products are available in all Suesh branches
I got the pink CC Cream, which, according to the brand representatives of Mizon, was specifically formulated for gals with combination to oily skin types, like myself. Believe me when I say that this does not make my skin look like a grease tank when I use it. 

Check out the pictures for inspiration. See the glow?
I'm sure us Pinays can also rock that youthful vibe! Who says you have to be porcelain to be beautiful?

Finishing off the look with brows...

Some more goodies to ogle at...

Here's the pink CC cream being demonstrated to the group.
Group picture! Oops, there I am in the back row, beside the wonderful Ms. Kim Bit Na!
Picture was grabbed from the Suesh Facebook page

And here I am, posing with the guest makeup artist. Please pardon the slight wardrobe malfunction.

Thank you so much to Mizon and Suesh for hosting this FREE makeup workshop. We got to take home goodies and a complimentary Pro Card from Suesh (also for FREE!).

Oh, and before I end this post, I will also share the makeup look that I did for this event:

Please note that after the commute, my foundation has slightly worn off due to sweat
and the humidity. You will see in the picture before this that my forehead has started to
show some of my breakouts. I used the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse with a  wet sponge
 on this particular day, but since that method has proven to be a flop, I now apply the
 foundation with my clean fingers and buff any remaining product on with a flat top brush.
Most of the products I used are from local brands. For the eyes, I used my San San CYO Eyeshadows, which I recently reviewed, Ever Bilena Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown, Collection Gel Eyeliner, San San Cream Concealer, and Ever Bilena HD Waterproof Mascara. On my cheeks, I just used Bench PrettyWhenPinched Cheek Stain, and on the lips, I have on Wet N' Wild Megalast Lipstick in Mauve Outta Here

Catch you crazy kids at the next event! 

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