Review: Wild Peach Cosmetics Professional Palette

If you're like me who hates having to carry so many things around, then perhaps this entry is for you. If you recall, I have been wanting to depot my San San Single Eyeshadows and putting them in one palette. Since then, I have been researching where I can get a customizable magnetic palette that can house a lot of my makeup, especially those with broken or damaged containers (but still have highly usable contents) and other items that seem to clutter my makeup tray.

Inevitably, I came across Z Palette that are highly raved about by international Youtube makeup gurus and beauty bloggers, but I found that its price range isn't exactly the best fit for my kuripot sensibilities. You know how much I love to save, right? I dug deeper and my friend Dianne recommended Wild Peach Cosmetics to me. Months later, after a lot of reorganization in my makeup kit, I came to the conclusion that I would be better off putting all my loose items in one place. That way, I will not only make the most out of everything in my kit, but it will also work to my convenience as I shuttle back and forth Makati and Santa Rosa. I didn't have to worry about lugging around 20 separate containers plus I can see all my options in one palette. Who doesn't want hassle-free and convenient, right?

I tried to reach their Facebook page and followed them on Instagram, but there weren't any new posts. I felt sad because I thought maybe they weren't selling anymore. I tried e-mailing them to order, but I didn't receive a response about 3 days after, so I researched some more and found out that Props, Tools, and Cosmetics in Tiendesitas carries the palettes in-store. They also accept online orders and orders through phone, but since I was in Greenhills yesterday, I decided to swing by Tiendesitas na rin while I'm out and about.

The retailer was very accommodating, even through text as I had previously reserved a professional palette for pick-up. When I got there, the sales representative was also very helpful and nice. I even swatched the MUA Luxe Lipstick which I have been seeing all over Instagram (I have a picture of me wearing the said lippie). Anyway, over-all, the shopping experience was hassle-free and fast. I took home my palette and immediately began depotting my makeup (Let me know if you want a tutorial on this).

Minutes later, I have successfully filled up my palette halfway. Unfortunately, there was one casualty (my Vanilla Bean San San eyeshadow) as I was experimenting on the best way to successfully depot my makeup. Oh well. Look at my work in progress. I have yet to fill up the palette all the way in.

From this...

To this...

Contents: San San Eyeshadows, ELF Blush and Contour Duo, Palladio Eyebrow Powder, 17 Summer Nude Palette

Update: Check below for my new inclusions as of 3/27/2014. (SanSan eyeshadow in Warm Terracotta and Vanilla Bean - I got both yesterday, Flormar Contouring Powder, and Maybelline Pressed Powder)


I love that it's very customizable, I can just move my stuff around. These also come with a sheet of magnetic sticker which I cut into smaller strips and stuck on the back of the tin containers. The top lid is clear so you can see right away what you can work with. At Php 600, I can't complain much about the price, since the Z Palette counterpart costs around Php 1000 and up (depending on the size). If you're interested, you can swing by Tiendesitas or check out their Facebook page. You can also e-mail Wild Peach Cosmetics to order. You will not regret investing in this palette, I promise you. You don't have to be a professional make-up artist. Plus, depotting is a ton of fun! 

Also, here's me with a swatch of the MUA Luxe Lipstick. I forgot the shade, but it's the bright red one. 

I did not like the lipstick very much, I found it to be too unforgiving for my dry lips (even with lip balm on!). 

Anyway, I hope this entry helps you out if you're looking to bring back some organization into your life.

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