An Attitude for Etude

As you may have noticed, I'm a big fan of Etude House. Check out Primer-y and Go for Gold for reviews on other Etude House products. Anyway, aside from the aforementioned thingamajigs, I got other Etude House loot, as a collective effort of my makeup hoarding and just plain fascination with all things cute. When you enter their store, you just want to buy everything because all of their products are pretty, colorful, and just plain yummy-looking! It's like I've been a child let loose in a candy store! But before I spend more than I can afford and as a way of sticking to this blog's main concept: savings, I will share with you a few more must-try products from this Korean brand.

First up, their eyelash curler. It's a pretty good steal for Php 78. If you don't have the budget to get high-end tools, this will have to do. It comes with an extra rubber piece. Plus, it has pink handles! How adorable!

I am OBSESSED with their Bling Bling Eye Stick, so much so that I decided to get another one, this time in a pearl/white shade called Shooting Star. It's a practical investment, especially if you don't have the time or patience to layer on eye shadow colors or if you're in a hurry. A swipe of this glittery eye crayon will give you that extra sparkle in your peepers!
Costs about Php 198 ($4-$5) a piece. It's a great investment for those who have not a lot of time on their hands to put on eye makeup. Just swipe it on and you're set! It will last all day too.

Have you ever seen a Shooting Star up close?

It's more of a crayon than it is a pencil. Finer lines will be more tricky to do with this eye stick. It has a pretty potent color so one or two swipes will give you that pop and glitter already. Economical, yeah?

 Then, there's their Oh m'Eye Lash Volume + Long Lash Mascara. I find it so-so. Why? Because I'm not gifted with full lashes, I go for volumizing mascara, and with it's additional lengthening feature, at less than Php 500, I feel like I could do better with mascaras from Maybelline which probably cost far less and gives more volume to my lashes. Still, it's a pretty safe choice. It's not waterproof (which is a pro for me since I find it hard to take off waterproof mascara) and it doesn't irritate my lids or my eyes at all.  Just be careful with washing it off. I suggest you use a cotton ball and some baby oil to take this off before washing your face; otherwise, you'll be left with bits of mascara on your under-eye area (not a pretty sight!).

It has a pretty narrow applicator wand. You may end up with whole globs of mascara. Try to wipe off excess in the tube opening and keep brushing to evenly distribute the product on your lashes. Remember to curl your lashes first before putting on mascara!

Plus if you purchase items worth Php 500 ($10-$13)  or more, you get a free Pink card where you can earn points with every purchase and eventually use those points as cash to pay for your future goodies! Not only that, you also get freebies like these facial masks, for FREE.

I'm looking forward to my next visit to Etude House! I'm sure there will be a plethora of options and just a great day of happiness from the cute things all around me! Even if you're just window-shopping, a trip to their store will uplift your spirits, I'm sure!

What's your current brand obsession?

SGT <3


  1. AJ, you need to buy the Oh m'Eye last primer. It's like magic in a tube!

  2. Got it! I'll make sure to grab one on my next trip to the store. Hihi. Thanks, Maria! :D Etude is a magical place!

  3. I usually do 2 layers of that, then a lengthening mascara, and topped off with a volumizing mascara :)) Never tried Etude House til I went home last year! Going to buy more stuff when I get back, fo sho :)

  4. It's like a well-kept secret. Ha ha! I was actually kind of skeptical about buying their products at first but they have great stuff! Plus their prices are undeniably more affordable than their counterparts!

    Also, I've never really tried using a lash primer. I only saw how it works from Michelle Phan yesterday. I'll definitely check it out. :D