Colorful Ash

You can express a lot of things, a lot of actions without speaking.
Catherine Daneuve 
One of those ways is through fashion. It's been said that whatever outfit we decide to wear on a specific day or event, it reflects our disposition and personality. There's nothing wrong with expressing yourself, in fact it is healthy. Self-expression helps us find our place in the world, for us to be distinct from a sea of different faces and personalities. 

In my 20 years of existence, I have been through many phases in terms of dressing up. Up to now, I am still on my path to defining my personal style and finding which things suit my taste and whims. In any case, just wear what feels comfortable and natural to you. Don't be afraid to experiment and most importantly, pay no attention to the judging looks of other people. Hold your head high, walk like you're going to set fire to the sidewalk, and be yourself. You don't need to impress anyone, you just have to feel your best for YOU. Go ahead and express yourself!

Today, I felt like stirring up some color on an otherwise quiet Ash Wednesday.

I heard mass in EDSA Shrine with my mom, along with about 203591206179871 of Metro Manila's population (kidding!) and had lunch at Sushi-Ya in Robinson's Galleria. Then, we took off to shop for other necessities for my upcoming trip to Myanmar... Eventually, we got tired and ended up buying nothing much except for a few colorful belts and some organizer bags (which were on sale, and if you know me well enough, I cannot resist a good sale!). So I'll be sharing with you some of the goodies I got for this wonderful Ash Wednesday. :)
En route the bus terminal headed for Ortigas. Don't forget to wear your smile! It's your best accessory... and needless to say, it's absolutely free! :)

Here's the final verdict, as of yesterday, I am fit to work (physically and mentally!). At least that's what the doctors said. :D Getting more and more excited for Myanmar! Tee-hee!
Guys, you should really try this! It's the banana milk tea with pearls from Cha Time. Absolutely yummy!

And now for my purchases from the Robinsons Department Store Bag Sale:
Mom got a cool makeup kit for only Php 80 (~ $2)! I love its satin-y finish and I love that it has a mirror already! Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups during long-distance travel assignments for work!
A toiletries bag, so I won't have to lug bottles and tubes and stuff. They're all gonna live in one neat house. :) This one costs around Php 30 (less than $1).
This has got to be my best buy for the day! I got this baby for Php 70 (~ $2) and it's the last piece! The lady in front of me was asking the salesperson if there was another one somewhere in the pile. Sorry, miss. Finders, keepers! It's perfect for my laptop when I need to carry it in less-bulky bags for out-of-town trips.
Genevieve Gozum may have some of the tackiest clothes, but they sure have great finds as well! These belts cost us Php 50 each. (a little over $1) so my mom urged me to get many different colors!
Belts are a great way to change up your look. They're very flexible; they can go from dressy to casual, just by changing up the colors and styles. It also adds and accentuates your curves. All that and more for just Php 50?! Why not? So yes, you have my blessing! Go forth and multiply in belts!
I looove these salmon-colored bouquet earrings I got from my fave accessory shop in Quiapo. 
Feelin' a little tired from walking all around the city in heels! But hey, I still got that smile, yeah?  I figured, since it's Ash Wednesday and all, and this time of the year is when people are most serious, it's a good time to be a little whimsical and help rub off the good vibes on people who need a little pick-me-up! :)
Got this loose printed top for Php 80 (~$2) on one of my thrift shop trips with my mom in Quiapo.  It gives off such a happy and girly vibe! Paired it with a toned-down pair of jeans and my 2-year-old Le Donne wedges. 
One of those stolen shots. I'm not the best model, thankyouverymuch. Special thanks to my mom who willingly took my pictures inside her office. <3
I don't have the best feet in the world, I know! The pain is very much worth it when I wear heels because they give me that extra boost of confidence. My posture improves and I feel more put-together in them. :)
This bangle gives the outfit a boho flair. And who would think that it only costs Php 90 (a little over $2)?!
Hoot! Gotta love this baby. I have so many necklaces and this is one of my frequently-worn pieces.

How was your Ash Wednesday? :)

SGT <3

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