Sacrifice Season

In the spirit of the Lenten season, certain things have to be given up and sacrificed. I haven't really given much thought on what to give up this year but last year's pick was soda. Yes. That fizzy goodness packed in cans and bottles with all sorts of flavors, colors, and spirit. I was able to give up soda for an entire year until I gave in... Now I'm planning to give up the same thing, and for good this time around.

This fasting and abstaining business is really harder than it seems, especially if you're giving up things that make you feel good inside. After all, Jesus gave up his life for the salvation of mankind, right? What can a bottle (or 200) of soda do to me but give me better health and more resources to share with less-fortunate brothers and sisters.

I know I may not look like the serious type, but I take the Lenten season seriously. Growing up in a Catholic home and studying in a Catholic school for about 3/4 of my life, really taught me to stick to what I was taught. I may not be a fanatic of Catholicism (and I do not deny disagreeing with its stand, particularly on issues such as the Reproductive Health Bill and Gay Marriage) but I can't take away that part of me who still believes in the good things my faith offers.

So, yes. If I were to give up something else this year (and hopefully for good), it would have to be...

  • Splurging on unnecessary objects
  • Holding on to things that need to be set free
  • Soda
  • Noodles (as in the artificially-flavored ones, packed with empty calories)
  • Staying up way too late
  • Hours spent online (I'd probably slash down to about two or three per day, at most)

What are you giving up this Lent? :)

SGT <3


  1. I'm thinking cigarettes, but uhhh, we all know I'm going to relapse. I think it'll be eating chips.

    Can't give up red meat either, since I work in the kitchen. :|

  2. HAHA! Cigarettes take a lot of conviction and determination to get out of your system! But with enough willpower, you can do anything! :D

    I've given up on red meat but I think I'm on a relapse right now. :)) Will get back to that resolution once I get to Myanmar. Hello, non-pork-eating people!