NYX Round Lipstick in Raisin

Yesterday, I received my package from Digital Traincase containing my orders: two NYX lipsticks (in Power and Raisin) and one NYX jumbo eye liner (in Lime). I was so stoked! It's been a while since I last purchase something online and back then, we relied on meet-ups and couriers were not as popular as they are now. What's even more amazing is that Multiply provides FREE SHIPPING for orders that cost Php 400 ($10) and up (on selected shops; I suggest you read the terms and conditions first).

I got a total of Php 520. The lipsticks cost Php 150 each and the eyeliner cost Php 220. Not bad, really. Plus, I won't have to go through the hassle of an additional charge for shipping or leaving my house to shop. It's really convenient!

I fumbled at first. I had no idea how the whole thing worked and with the help of a few friends, I was able to survive my first ever online purchase in years! Technology can really be a double-edged sword sometimes, but is more rewarding and helpful in the end. When  I checked the tracker, the courier got my name wrong. I contacted Digital Traincase immediately and truly enough, they got back to me in no time. I gotta hand it to them for great customer service! Thank you so much for the otherwise smooth transaction.

After two working days of my payment deposit via bank, here it is!

NYX lipsticks have their shade displayed on the bottom of the tube.
In my humble opinion, it doesn't really give an exact reflection of the actual shade of the lippie.
Looks really creamy.
Here are the swatches.
One swipe of Raisin.
Pardon the messy application. I was shaking from excitement when I was applying it.

Now for the review. Here's what I like about it:

  • It's highly pigmented. Two swipes will really go a long way with this line of lipsticks.
  • Without food and drinks, it stays on for quite a long time.
  • It's very affordable at Php 150 per tube.
  • Available in many shades. Just check out Digital Traincase for swatches and available stocks.
  • I love the deep scarlet shade. It suits my not-so-fair skin just right.
  • Its consistency is quite creamy.
  • Doesn't dry my lips too much, probably because I used lip balm underneath the lipstick.
  • Hassle-free delivery.
  • Has a pleasant floral-ish scent. 
What I dislike about it:
  • Simply swiping it on won't give you the best control. Applying with a lip brush is advised for a more precise application and distribution of color.
  • Like most red lipsticks, it has a tendency to bleed if you're not too careful. Perhaps using a lip liner can help solve this dilemma.
  • NYX is not available locally. However, there are online shops here that sell them for a reasonable price.
  • The shade on the bottom of the tube has a slight discrepancy on the actual hue of the lipstick, which others can find quite misleading.

After all has been said and done, I give the NYX Round Lipstick in Raisin a thumbs-up. It's budget-friendly and a really good buy. I'll review the eyeliner and Power in separate posts. Hope this review helps!

SGT <3

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