TOSH Nights are Alright

The perfect cure for a cold, rainy day are friends. And food. And fun.

Chammy and I hung out in Solenad 2, Nuvali to catch a late lunch (for her) and a merienda for me in Army Navy. I had the cheese quesadilla and LiberTea, and Chammy had the chicken burrito.

Then we crossed over to Solenad because I really craved coffee to help keep me warm. I love hanging out in Starbucks Nuvali. There aren't a lot of people who go there, unlike in Paseo, and the interiors are new and very cozy.

Anyway, just check out the pictures to see what really happened that day. :)

Took my new NYX Round Lipstick in Raisin and NYX Jumbo Eyeliner in Lime for a test run.
So far, so good. :)
Cheese quesadilla and LiberTea. I drool just thinking about it. ;)
My sister-from-another-mother, Chammy, and her cheese ice cream from Mini Stop.
My usual: white chocolate mocha; although I usually have this iced.
The weather's really chilly so warm coffee it is then. :)
Best in pambahay outfit! Please excuse my huge tummy!
Sun-dried tomato and chicken pasta.
Rosa's treat for us at The Old Spaghetti House in Paseo.
I had a small bit of the seafood pasta and a slab of the ratatouille pizza.
Still full from all the coffee from Starbucks, the donut from Breadtalk,and merienda from Army Navy. 
From L-R: Chammy, Rosa, Vincent (Vanessa's brother), Regine, Vanessa,
Reisie, Jona, and me.
We had a sort-of high school reunion and it was nice. :)

Thanks to Rosa for the treat and to everyone for the good time! Being with friends is really a great way to conquer any cold, lifeless day. :)

SGT <3


  1. This post made me hungry!

    I'm giving away a top from Amores Clothing! Hope you can join!


    1. Gotta love food! Heehee. I know you're a great foodie! I must take notes. :D