Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Pressed Powder

Lately I realized that my Avon So Pretty Pressed Powder doesn't do much for oil control and it doesn't really stay on for long, especially when the weather is most unforgiving. Aside from using my Cover Girl Loose Powder every now and then and plain baby powder on most days, I don't really pay much attention to the finishing/setting portion of my makeup since it almost always run off anyway.

I took a leap of faith today and got myself a Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine-free Pressed Powder in Nude Beige. I figured, since I'll be out in the field for a while during the graduation, and since I can't really take my entire makeup kit with me, a pressed powder compact with mirror sounds just about right for touch-ups. I got it in Nude Beige, which at first, I thought looked pretty ghastly on me, but I figured that when I put it on, I didn't have any foundation nor did I blend it well (from too much excitement, I know.) So anyway, here's my take on it...

I actually HATE the applicator. It's rough on the skin and doesn't really do much but scratch the surface. Ugh. I had to use a sponge applicator for this (Php 88 or around $2 from Japan Home) and it delivers better than this measly foam thingy.

What's in it...
I read two ingredients with paraben. Not good.

Here's what I look like when I have the powder on (sans primer and foundation), and please disregard my evil dark circles:

According to Maybelline, this product has lasting oil control, a silky smooth texture, and UV protection SPF 18. Additional facts from the rack: offers medium coverage for up to 6 hours.

Now for the review:

What I like about it:
  • The packaging is practical - it has a mirror and the size is just right; not too bulky.
  • It does keep the oil at bay but slight touch-ups may be necessary every 2 hours or so.
  • Does not dissolve easily.
  • Available in many shades.
  • Available in department stores, drug stores, and the like.
  • Pretty inexpensive. (a compact costs Php 199)
  • From a reputable beauty brand - Maybelline.
  • Has SPF. Gotta take sun protection seriously!
  • Has no scent.
  • Matte. No shimmer.
  • Doesn't clog pores.
  • Seals in my concealer quite nicely (no idea yet how it mingles with foundation, I'll let you guys know.)
  • Doesn't cake or clump.
What I dislike about it:
  • It has preservatives - paraben stuff. Not something I'm particularly fond of seeing in makeup.
  • Not sure if they're cruelty-free.
  • Whitish cast the first time. Requires blending.
  • I absolutely hate the applicator. I had to get another one (in this case, had to buy an entire pack of sponges)
  • Requires touch-ups (not true about it lasting 6 hours)

I wouldn't really say I loved this compact, but I think this will do for now. I'm still searching for a good pressed/loose setting powder. If you know of any, please feel free to suggest. But overall, this is a pretty good buy for its price and if you ever run out, you can just head out to the nearest grocery or drugstore and get another one.

I have yet to find out how this baby works when the sun is up and when I'm on my feet. But for about a 3-hour stroll around the mall, this compact delivered okay.

What's your favorite powder?

SGT <3


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    1. Hi! Oh, thank you! Glad you liked it! :)

  2. Great find! You look gorgeous wearing the pressed powder. We have the same opinion regarding the applicator :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony