My Sexy Revolution Starts Now

All my life, I have always been teased about being chubby or fat. I hated it, of course. It's not exactly fun to be the consistent butt of jokes for everyone. Eventually, I learned to live with it. I loved food and not a single ridicule or joke can make me stop enjoying it.

Of course my habits had its drawbacks. I started playing sports and my weight interfered with my performance and capability as an athlete. The training helped me lose weight a little but as soon as I stopped playing volleyball and soccer, I'd bounce back to my original weight and even gain a few more libbies!

Add stress and pressure from school work and you have got a seemingly hopeless case of a stress-eater. I had to stay up all night, almost every night, with everything that I had going on - deadlines, exams, other schoolwork, organizations,  extracurricular activities, and mypersonal life. It all seemed so overwhelming! 

Going into college, I gained more than 20 lbs. from all the stress-eating and just plain laziness that I had been doing. Good thing I found theater. I was inspired to shed the unnecessary weight when I was surrounded with theater actors who led healthy lives at their age of 40-something! They have tighter mid-sections than I can ever imagine myself having! Plus, all that carbo-loading I did all the time was taking its toll on my performance on-stage. I had difficulties keeping up with the choreography. Musical theater demanded a lot of stamina, flexibility, and endurance. At my weight then, it was really hard for me. One hour into the rehearsals and I was already gasping for air. I started converting to vegetarianism, did yoga, and did cardio training before I sped off to the rehearsals. One production later, I was on my way to discipline and well, self-preservation. If I planned on keeping up with the demands of my craft, I had no other choice but get off my lazy butt and work hard for it.

On my succeeding production, I was cast into the ensemble as both a singer and a dancer. This time, my simple background in jazz dancing just wasn't enough. We had to take on a contemporary style. Other people would approximate it to ballet. No ballet dancer was chubby. At 140 lbs. I was nowhere near my ideal weight if I wanted to stay on the show. Two months worth of nightly excruciating workouts, conditioning exercises, and rehearsals later, I lost 20 lbs. With my new-found green diet (I cut out all meat) and aversion for salt and sugar, combined with the intensive exercise routine, I can call myself a decent dancer and somehow did the choreography and the show justice. It took so much determination to make it through and enough self-love to lose the weight not just to please other people but to be healthy for my own sake.

I'm really glad my passion gave me results. It's not without hard work that I have reached this point. Although it really pays to love what you're doing, that way, despite the self-imposed and new-found discipline that seems so hard to swallow at first, you still get joy and love out of what you do.

Before: (During my first actual production, on the process of conversion to vegetarianism)


It's been less than a year and I managed to keep some of the weight off, but it's not yet over. I am still on my journey. I believe I can continue on and work more on getting firm and toned with the help of Sexy Solutions. My mid-section needs help in terms of looking more lean and smooth so I can show off the fruits of my labor!

Sexy Solutions (www.sexysolutions.com.ph) is a non-invasive fat reduction clinic that has machines that can (1) melt fat in stubborn places, (2) tighten loose skin and (3) tone muscle. After doing your diet, perhaps you might have ended up with another problem that sexy solutions can solve. Examples are: “My diet worked but…. the fat in stubborn areas can’t seem to go away,” or “skin is loose after I worked out and lost all the weight.”  
Sexy Solutions also has in-house consultants that can help you with your nutrition and fitness regimen.   A concern that you might have after your diet is: “The diet worked but I was weak the whole day so I don’t think it was healthy for me to do and it was certainly not sustainable. Perhaps, Sexy Solution’s nutritionist can point me towards a healthy way of losing weight.”

SGT <3

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