She Goes Thrifty at the Superb Bazaar

It's my first time to attend a well-organized bazaar. This one's been on my list for weeks now and I'm glad my Mom was supportive enough to come with me. I met up with Chris, one of my college friends and orgmates. Her boyfriend, Nikko, had a booth at the Superb Bazaar too. It's always a good idea to have a friend by your side when you're shopping. They can help you decide which items are purchase-worthy. 

Aside from the shopping, I went to the Superb Bazaar to hopefully meet fellow bloggers and store-owners, in the hopes of widening my network. Of course, the pretty little things were just the bonus. But hey, it was an experience I will never forget. I was inspired not only by the items that were sold there but by the people who were both shopping and selling as well. Everyone was dressed to impress (except me, teehee!) and it was a lot of fun to see that much fashion in real life. :)

Oh, did I mention that everyone was very friendly and welcoming? It's just like raiding your sister's or your best friend's closet!

This will be a photo-heavy post so please bear with me. 

On the way to the Superb Bazaar! Weepee!
I was too engrossed in shopping that I forgot to take pictures of some of the booths! I was a fan of DAS Shoes and I even tried on their studded heel-less booties. Sad to say, I cannot afford to get a pair at this point in time. :( I also found another unique shoe stall owned by the beautiful Tal called Risque Designs. She was also kind enough to let me try on some of her designs. Despite the 6-inch height and odd heel design, I can honestly say that I can run in them. They're that comfortable!

Her pieces truly are works of art.
Of course, I cannot let the day go by without me drooling over accessories! One of the stalls I enjoyed snooping around in was Bedazzle. I immediately recognized one of my blogging idols, Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums as one of their "models". I really hope to work with Bedazzle  in the near future! *wink* Oh, and I got this adorable cloth necklace-slash-bracelet-slash-headband thingy in yellow! Can't wait to wear it!

There's just too much to choose from!
Chris took a necklace from Bedazzle too. That explains the gap in the display.
How sexy are these shorts?
I super love their roll-up shoes! Perfect for travelers and girls-on-the-go like me!
That's me, posing in front of the EMPIRE photo wall.
 Guys, don't you dare miss checking out the EMPIRE booth right beside the entrance. ;)

Take 2!
 Accessories galore at super-affordable prices!

This has got to be my most-visited stall of the day. :)) I got a pair of shoes from them and bangles for my Mom. It's their first bazaar. Like what you see? Contact 0917-8346366 or 0917-8333887 and catch them on their next bazaar.  By the way, they're called Ultimate OH

They have their site up and running! Go check it out! ;)

I got the brown one in the middle. It's so cute!
More of Ultimate OH.
Allison Harvard and Dominique Reighard was there too!
Too bad we had to go home as I was feeling under the weather.
Didn't catch their press conference.
The show is tomorrow, I think.
 Here's what I wore:

Animal-print Top: from Nuvali Bazaar
Spaghetti top (worn underneath): from Greenhills
Leggings: from Harrison Plaza

Shoes: Ultimate Oh

Accessories: from Quiapo

It was such a blast! I'm glad I was able to catch up with friends, get to look around, meet new people, and take home a couple of good buys. I even met Suzy of Magic 89.9, thanks to Chris and Nikko. I also saw Ana Gonzales of Anagon Collection and Joanna Ladrido of Glitterati but I was too shy to approach them. They're quite the celebrities in the blogging scene. :"> (fan girl mode)If you have the time, swing by SMX at the Mall of Asia. Better yet, check out SuperSale Bazaar on Facebook for more details. ;)

SGT <3


  1. Great photos! :) i was there, too!

    Please join my birthday give-away

    1. Thanks! I wasn't able to buy much though. There were too much to choose from, I was overwhelmed!