Simple Sunday with Mom

Mom and I love to go to Quiapo, Manila for many reasons. One, the mass. Two, the dirt-cheap bargains, especially veggies and other ingredients! Three, ukay-ukay. Four, my favorite avenue - a street full of accessories shops (unfortunately, as I found out today, my super-duper favorite store is now closed. I had to make do with other shops.) So we did all that. Then, we sped off to MOA to buy Daddy his special request - a brand new external hard drive to fit all his series and movies (which reminds me, I need one too!).

We had lunch at Soi, a Thai restaurant. The first thing that caught my eye were the chandeliers. The quaint and cozy ambiance of the place really put me at ease. Plus, I wanted Mom to try out Tom Yum, my favorite Thai dish.

Very chic interiors! Love the chandeliers!
The walls are made of mirrors. Cool!

Complimentary appetizers.
Left: Spicy peanuts with weird thingamajigs
Right: Wanton crisps
Check out the suede damask wall!
Haggardus maximus! It was so hot and humid in Quiapo!

Self-made nails. Glitter polish from Etude House.
Ring is from Butingting Atbp, in Quiapo(Php 30)
Mom loves the comical mustache ring!
I have a thing for snakes in accessoriesssss.
The Tom Yum was simply delectable! I think it has a touch of coconut milk.
After a long day of walking around the mall, we decided to stop over for coffee. Both Starbucks branches in MOA were jam-packed! We had to sit outside where it's very hot. :|

Tried the Mocha Cookie Crumble frappuccino.
It's too sweet for my liking. I think I'll stick to Dark Mocha.

Mom's ultimate favorite. No other cinnamon roll can compare.
Outfit of the Day
Knit Top: Milk & Co.
Shorts: Custom-made
Shoes: All That Clutter
Look at what I found!
I got all of these (plus 2 other items) for only Php 240!
Everything in Quiapo is unbelievably affordable!

And that's all folks! Make sure to stand by for more entries! I promised I'd make it up to you for all the lost blogging time and I intend to keep that promise. ;)

How was your weekend?

SGT <3

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