SNOE Much Fun!

I happened to be at Festival Mall in Alabang for two days last week. One was on Tuesday, after running errands, I figured I had to get my routine wax (for the kili-kili this time) at Lay Bare (check out my previous review HERE) and I wanted to restock on SNOE's Beauty Bars. I was actually hoping to just swing by, get things done, and go home. Luckily, Ate Leni, the uber-friendly clerk-slash-area-manager-slash-beauty-makeover-giver, was there.

I love going to SNOE kiosks because their staff are friendly and more than helpful, plus SNOE products really work! Every time I come by, more and more women (moms and daughters) come and find the quaint little spot where it stands.

That's Ate Leni on the right-most side of the shot.
Their amazing beauty bars.
There's so much to choose from! Surely, there's something here for you.
I'd love to try this slenderizing gel sometime.
Apparently, this is one of their newest releases.
I am DYING to try out Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil because in this erratic
weather, my hair is in dire need of a super hair hero!
Ate Leni tried out this BB cream on me. It feels like
second skin on my face, as if nothing was put on.
More merchandise...
Ate Leni gave me a makeover, well, kind off. She tried some of the products on me, like the BB cream, and Glam Jam (a lip, cheek, and eye stain that looks like a lip balm, it feels cool when you put it on and it stays on the entire day! Definitely buying it next!). She even groomed my eyebrows for me FOR FREE! If only I had more money that day, I'd buy more stuff from SNOE. :(

That's Glam Jam in Goddess on my lids
and in Blush on my cheeks.

The second day. My college roommate Andeng and I met at Alabang Town Center to have lunch, see a movie, and catch up. Then, off we went to Festival to check out the SNOE kiosk so she can get stuff for her beauty stash. Little did she know that she was gon' get a makeover as well, thanks to the perkiest salesperson I know, Ate Leni.

I didn't know SNOE had a line of wigs!
Yup, her bangs are just clip-ons!
Bagay ba?
These are really cool curls! I can just snap 'em on and off
whenever I feel like it!
Ate Leni gives customers a preview and a "free taste" of
the products. Her method really works! You're gonna love
everything she recommends to you!
We're happy customers!
BTW, we both got the Vitamin C Enriched Calamansi Beauty Bar but more on that later! Special thanks to the wonderful staff of SNOE in Festival Mall. We really had fun shopping and learning more about what we can do for our skin and our body! There will definitely be a next time, SNOE! Could this be love? ;)

SGT <3

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