Diploma Day!

I'm exhausted from all the running and driving around and about the city, and of course, in LB. I promise to keep this post short and sweet.

Went back to UPLB today to claim my rightful diploma. Yes! As of today, I have legit proof that I am a University of the Philippines alumna! *fireworks!* LOL. It's such a big relief to finally hold in my hands all that I've worked for in the four and a half years I was in college. It was a challenging time in my life, but I will definitely treasure every moment I spent in my second home, in UPLB.

Met up with friends for lunch. Delivered a few items from my closet sale. Visited friends and former professors in our department. Tried to catch the Jock auditions, but to no avail. I was late. I found it really odd that I had no sense of time whatsoever today. It's like I was late for everything I was supposed to accomplish and take care of. *facepalm* But hey, it was all for good fun! Coming home to LB is something that I really look forward to. There's always a surprise waiting 'round the corner. 

These are my college org-mates, The UPLB Jocks. We do radio broadcasting, events hosting, print, and other media-related activities. Actually, these people right here are my batch mates. We are known as the Rhinos. If you know us really well, you'll know why. ;) (not for kids, heehee!)

I'm so glad we all got together and that we're complete this time around (this rarely happens!). 

Hung out with them afterwards for some good ol' LB food, aka Ristretto. (a Jock fave, I must say!)

This shot was taken right before my camera went kaput! (sorry if Jose and Faye are blurred. Woops.)

Top: Greenhills
Belt: Rockwell
Pants: from Bangkok
Shoes: Crocs

Tomorrow, I'm off to MKT to claim my prize from Maybelline! Super excited! ;)


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