Teacher's Day Out

Hump day hey! I've been on the low for almost a week and it's making me sick not being able to share something with you guys! Here's an outfit post. I have yet to work on my numerous backlogs (mostly product reviews, features, and of course, my experience during the launch of Senior Year and my FIRST EVER Fete dela Musique!)

In the meantime, I'm leaving you with what I wore to my teaching demo earlier. The commute was long plus I was carrying my materials and my laptop in my backpack. Went straight to Ortigas (where my Mom works) where I treated myself to a tall cup of grass jelly milk tea from ChaTime, strolled around Saizen, snooped around Snoe's booth, and walked around 'til my feet can't take it anymore. Eventually, I got myself a pretty nifty nail buffing tool and a brown liquid eyeliner from E.L.F. (reviews will come up soon, I super duper promise!)

In case you want to know, my demo went well... at least it went better than I initially expected (I really have to stop being so pessimistic). I have to do another one next week and after that, I'm all set to handle a class! Yay! :)

Anyway, I took out this thrifted skirt (from one of my Mom's expeditions to the ukay store beside her office in Ortigas) for a spin. When she first showed it to me, I didn't think I'd like it. Honestly, I was repulsed. When push came to shove, when the time came that I needed to wear something appropriate for a teaching demo, this ugly duckling turned out to be the star of the show! I love how vintage-y it looks! One thing I love about thrifted clothes is that each piece is unique and tells its own story. I was also surprised that people seemed to really like my ensemble. (side note: I wore flats with this outfit. These Primadonna heels were a late addition to the outfit - had no time to take pictures within the day, so we shot them when we got home.)

Please pardon the haggard look. I had a loooong day. :/

Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Genevieve Gozum
Shoes: Primadonna

Got this pair from Tracy Ayson's booth at Bloggers United 3. It's never been worn and they gave it to me for Php 500!

I fell in love with the wild print!

Accessories: gifts from family and friends

Please pardon my messy room. :P

Vanity excuses nothing, not even exhaustion. ;)
Special thanks to my Mom for taking some of the shots. Complete with direction pa yun ha! That's all for now! Have fun thrift-shopping! You'll never know what stunning finds you'll get. :)

SGT <3

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