Running in Heels

I don't know who invented high heels, 
but all women owe him a lot.
~Marilyn Monroe 

Ah, heels. Every woman must wear them at some point in their lives. As for me, I occasionally try to squeeze in a little height boost. A pair of heels not only creates the illusion of added height, it also improves a woman's posture, enhance a woman's assets, and help magnify their self-confidence. Oh, it can also turn any outfit from drab to fab in a snap!

I had a busy day today. I don't know what got into me but I decided to take out this long forgotten pair out for a spin. Went to Netbooster Asia in Makati to claim my prize from the Maybelline Do You Dare? contest. Special thanks to Ms. Kristine Rementilla for accommodating me, despite my haggard and just-ran-two-blocks-in-heels flustered look. Scroll down below to see what I won. ;)

I tried it right away! Fell in love! Review on this is coming soon!
Then, I met up with my college batch mate, Kristel (check out her site -- she's a talented photographer and writer for When in Manila), for a "rush lunch" in Greenbelt. You would not believe how I ran from Valero St. to Greenbelt IN HEELS! I never thought I can do what Amanda Seyfried did in "In Time"! I made it just in time for our lunch date! *victory dance!* I was too busy worrying about meeting Kristel that I didn't have the time to bother acknowledging people's stares and puzzled looks as I rush through Makati foot traffic, about 3 inches above ground. :))

We decided to settle in at The Cafe Mediterranean because that was one of the few places in Greenbelt 1 that catered to my vegetarian needs. No regrets though, the food was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! I had roasted veggies with hummus, wrapped in pita bread. Kristel got a chicken something wrapped in pita as well. Kristel had to rush back to work so we had to gobble down our food quickly and squeeze in a little chit-chat about work and whatnot. We were speed-lunching rock stars! LOL! 'Til next time, Kristel! ;)

Oh, and guess who we saw walking past? Dingdong Dantes and RJ Ledesma! :))

My choice for lunch. SUPER SARAP, GUYS!
Kristel's pita surprise. :D
Refreshing lemonade! I needed this after all that
running around in Makati!
When we parted ways, I walked all the way from Greenbelt 1 to Glorietta. Stop-over gone wrong: Landmark! I love, love, love going there not only for the wide selection of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and everything in between, but for their super affordable price range! Napa-shopping na naman ako ng wala sa oras! Hahaha! Check out what I scored for less than Php 500!

Obsessed with tribal and Aztec-inspired prints!
Please pardon my messy bed!
This set really caught my eye!
Bought my second box of Today's Advice from Papemelroti. Everyone can use a little push
every now and then -- not only from high heels, but from inspirational words
as well. :)
Met up with my Mom in SM Makati. Squeezed in a little window shopping in Forever 21 (I really wanted to buy three dresses but my heart sank when I realized I had to prioritize my expenses and that I already had caused enough damage with my impulsive shopping an hour earlier.) Oh well, next time!

Aaaand here's what I wore today. Here's what I ran around the city in:

Please pardon my super gulo room.
 I've been too busy to clean. T_T
I wore this skirt once before. It's super comfortable!

Whew! Made it home in one piece! Busy, busy, busy!
See how the Maybelline blush stayed on? I still have
that hint of pink on my cheeks, eh? :)
Wore my Harry Potter Time Turner necklace c/o my friend Ayeen.
HP geeks unite! ;)
Can't believe I lasted an entire day in these! I took many breaks, of course,
but I had them on all day!

Top: Bench
Skirt: Forever 21
Strappy heels: from Bazaar

Yellow Braided Bracelet: Bedazzle
Red Lucky Charm Bracelet: from Dad

You can use this yellow bracelet in more ways than one! Wrap it around your wrists, use it as a headband, or give your outfit a pop of color by donning it as a necklace! I should have gotten it in more than one color. I love versatile accessories and items!

Despite all the pain that resulted from wearing heels all day, I am genuinely thankful to the person who invented them. I always feel taller and a bit better about myself when I put on a pair of heels. I don't usually wear them, but when I do, I notice that my mood almost always instantly perks up!

So to all the dudes out there, respect. It ain't exactly easy doing everything and going places (let alone running!) in 2 to 6-inch heels. ;)

What a great way to end the week! Have a fun Friday night! 

SGT <3


  1. I love heels but when it comes to spring/summer I am all about flats ;) xx

    1. Hey, Sabrina! Yes, yes, flats are indispensable in every girl's wardrobe, but every now and then, it's kinda nice to feel extra girly and fierce with heels, eh? ;)