Art Scene: Fete dela Musique

Part 2 of the epic day that was June 23, 2012.

After the film screening at MOA, we sped off to our main event for the night -- the much-awaited Fete dela Musique! My friends Kach and Rash are fellow Fete "virgins", so to speak. It was our first time to attend the Fete, ever!

We first braved the congested roads leading to the Main Stage, just in time before Kach's friend, a member of the Goddesses of Bellydance, went up on stage to perform.

Here's what really happened:

  • Movie at MOA
  • Headed straight to the Main Stage
  • Met up with The UPLB Jocks, my college org mates
  • Chugged down a cup of ice-cold beer, lingered at the Main Stage
  • Hopped on over to the Hip-Hop Stage at Kyss
  • Took a cab to go to the Rock Stage over at B-Side
  • Scoured The Collective for our other friends
  • Finally, we met them at Wingman
  • Had super salty cream dory salad there
  • Sped off to Main Stage
  • Checked out the Electronica/Experimental Stage at Time
  • Ayeen and Jat left early
  • Rash disappeared
  • Came back waaay later with her "friend"
  • Kach and I hung out at TCBTL across the street
  • Checked out the Hip-Hop Stage again
  • Went back to Time again, partied to the point of exhaustion
  • We all parted ways after that.
Check out some of the shots I was able to squeeze in during the event (by the way, most of the shots are pictures of the band Hijo, because from all the moving around that we've been doing, they're pretty much the only solid set we were able to watch):

At Time Bar, Electronica/Experimental Stage
At the Rock Stage
Jill Ngo and the Goddesses of Bellydance
Ira Cruz!
Hi, Junjie!

Woohoo! It was honestly one of the best nights of my life! I can't wait for the next Fete dela Musique! 

SGT <3

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