Last of June Buys

As much as I hate "hauls", I really want to share with you what I got last month. Aside from the previous posts and featured stuff there, there's one more I haven't had the time to babble about.

I know you think I'm a loose shopaholic, but I'm really not. Honestly. Truth is, I have very high self-restraint. I rarely buy stuff, unless I really, really need it!

Anyway, I've been on the hunt for an affordable blending eye brush and thankfully, I came across one on Multiply. This one's from E.L.F. and I got it from Skin Food Preorder for a measly Php 100 (~$2.50). I wanna thank the shop owner for the smooth transaction! Another trusted seller right there. If you're a fan of Korean cosmetics, make sure to check out their Facebook page as well. Go HERE.

I'll post a review about this brush soon. I only started using it and I'm loving it so far! It helps me achieve a more sleek and professional eye makeup look every time. :)

I also love that I got a freebie! I will post the card that came with it so you guys can inquire and whatnot. The package came with a hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works in grape scent. I haven't used up my other one in grape as well. I prefer using alcohol for sanitation, but hey, it's free. I'll get around to using it soon, I promise! :P

There's another post coming right up! Stay tuned! ;)

SGT <3

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