In Full Bloom

So you're probably asking why I named this entry as such. Well, aside from the dainty floral print of my chiffon dress (there's something about chiffon that's so feminine, I love it!), my luck has been turning quite well and in my favor lately.

I used to be a very pessimistic person. After going through training in theater, I realized how my negativity follows me around and drags down my energy. I decided to make a change. The moment I started looking at life differently -- in a more positive light, that is, everything seemed more bearable. I also learned that we have to let nature take its course or for things to fall into place. Patience really pays off in this life time. Plus, I think the universe makes it up to us whenever we experience heartbreak or disappointment. Also, the more good we do, the more good we get in return.

I'm not saying that we should commit acts of charity just because we expect to rewarded by fate in one way or another. We must think, feel, and do good for the sake of doing it. It feels amazing too. Smile at a stranger (not in a creepy way, just be polite); give your seat to the old lady in the bus; offer to help your mom carry the groceries; be kind to the earth, seas, and skies; say thank you. There are a myriad of ways to live positively. If you surround yourself with toxic, negative vibes all the time, you'll eventually suffocate. Why not choose the lighter, more pleasant side of being?

Anyway, about this outfit, I went to the office to sign a few papers and to make my employment official. Then, I met up with Fel and Eis in Greenbelt afterwards. We grabbed an Italian and carbo-heavy lunch *cringes* and hung out. I posted the inspiration to this ensemble previously. Just look for Bloom in Business. Sans the nude pumps, of course. I did a lot of walking that day. My feet stood no chance otherwise.

There's something about neutrals that I love. Whenever I wear a nude-y or a peach-y monochromatic outfit, I really go all out. I like subtle prints like the little floral details on this dress, then I accentuate with a bold color, like this tan blazer and the tawny flats from Ultimate OH, to give it a much needed-boost and so I won't look like a flushed and pale woman. 

If you're wondering why the other shoe has no ribbon on it, the ribbon fell off on my way out. I didn't have time to glue it back in. :)) I'm such a klutz!

In any case, I hope you like this "business casual" look. The blazer really added that professional factor to an otherwise casual dress. ;)

Dress: Thrifted
Blazer: Thrifted
Earrings: Gift from Vanni Liwanag
Flats: Ultimate Oh

Photos by Fel Salido

I'm really grateful for how things turned out in my career. I'm still young, I have a lot of dreams that are waiting in the wings, waiting to be fulfilled. All that matters right now is that I bask in this glorious moment, that I live day-to-day with sheer glee and hope, and that I give all that I can to whatever it is I decide to do. There's so much more time. Heartbreaks? Inevitable. Gratifications? Always. Unrealistic Expectations? Must cease to overwhelm me. I just know I have plenty of reasons to smile. As one friend, Darlene, puts it, "Follow your bliss." And I will. :)

SGT <3

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