Rain and neon. How does that sound to you? Usually, when the gloomy rainy season comes, we instantly think of wearing dull and dark colors to blend in with the current state of the environment. While others are drenched and dressed in grays and blacks, I take the alternate route and donned neon yellow. Just 'cause it's not summer here in the Philippines, it doesn't mean that getting away with bright colors is rocket science. Besides, the long-sleeve detail of this dress made it perfect for the July chilly breeze.

I don't think I always am the risk-taker that I sometimes believe I am. This outfit is definitely an exception. It's fun to break fashion rules every now and then, and when you do, go all out. You'll be surprised!

The dress was given to me by my "pre-school buddy", Justine. It accentuates my curves and hits all the right places... okay, maybe not for a few love handles I have here and there. But you get the picture. The crumpled effect on the smack-center of the dress adds to the illusion of curves and hides the unnecessary flab. I feel so sexy donning this dress. I should wear figure-hugging clothes more often, eh?

I debuted this ensemble to my good friend, Felice's karaoke party in Red Box Greenbelt. Happy 22nd, my love! Hope you like our dozen-goodie gift! (photos and stories of the said event will be shared soon!)

Anyway, I went all out with the crazy colors. I added on colorful accessories but decided to take it easy on the bag and shoes. That would be a little too much for something over-the-top already. :))

Dress: from a friend
Shoes: MSE
Bag: Aldo
Earrings: from Vanni Liwanag
Other accessories: from everywhere!

My best friend, Chammy, and I decided to go to Makati ahead of time. We chilled out in J.Co Donuts and Coffee in Greenbelt 5. I tried the Mr. Green Tea donut and Chammy had the Oreology (?) donut. I was quite surprised at how delicious the green tea donut is! I'll definitely put it in my favorites list.

ULTIMATE DREAM GIRL SHOT...NOT! Haha! Believe me when I say that I'm the biggest
dork and the kookiest girl you'll ever meet! :P

Here are some shots taken inside Red Box:

And the crazy color scheme accessories!

Photos by Cham Villanueva

Oh, about the title of this post... Well, I don't really wear much neon, so this would have to be my first (hence, the word play on neophyte). I used to dread wearing something this bright because I always felt that it would make me darker than I actually am! Whew!

There's something about this dress that drives my poor camera nuts! It gives off a bright glow! :| 

Not sure if that's a good thing but the camera is having a hard time registering that "glow." It's weird. Anyway, I hope you like this outfit. I'm glad I'm coming to terms with my new mantra of being more adventurous -- fashion included. That's all for me today. I'll have to rest my head. The heavy downpour calls for some cuddle time with my teddy bear and my sea of pillows! Have a great Sunday, everyone! 

SGT <3


  1. J.Co! My friends and I are fans of GREEN TEASE :))

    1. It is such a wildcard flavor! I only thought of green tea as being the drink but never really warmed up to the idea of it being a part of desserts! It's such a surprise! I love it! ;) Oh, the green tease is the whole one, yeah?