Mid-July Buys

Like I said in the post before this one, I rarely buy something that I don't feel like I really need it to save my life. Haha! But seriously, what's the point in splurging for things we don't even need, right? This blog isn't entilted She Goes Thrifty for nothing, y'know. Oh, and I'd also like to point out that all of my purchases fit the budgets of just about any student or working girl. Don't worry! I hope you don't get the wrong idea! Again, I'm not a pointless walking splurging and shopping spree. I post things that I really use and review them based on my personal experiences. 

Now that's cleared...

You know how just about every beauty guru out there will tell you NOT to sleep with your makeup on? They're absolutely spot on! Makeup sits on your skin and seeps into your pores. Leaving them overnight will not only introduce foreign materials into your skin, i.e. bacteria, it will also aggravate and irritate your skin.

I've always relied on wet wipes or baby wipes to sweep my makeup off, then I wash off my face completely with my foaming facial cleanser from Etude House or my bamboo charcoal soap from Ilog Maria. That way, I reduce the risk of breakouts and infection. Who wants that anyway? So yeah, I've been searching for makeup cleansers, as they are more intensive in terms of getting deep down into your skin and scare off every last bit of makeup you have on. Just to make sure, follow up with a facial cleanser or a facial wash afterwards! Better safe than sorry! Anyway, I've been reading reviews and comparing product notes. I was torn between the one from Etude House (the tea cleansing milk line) or this one from Pond's. The classic won me over. A lot of people rave about how their grandmas, aunts, and moms passed on this timeless legend to them. I decided to go along with the majority this time. I used it right away and I have to say, I'm glad I chose this. :)

By the way, reviews on this and other products on this post will be reviewed very soon. Please stay tuned. :)

A small tub costs Php 130
Of course, I needed cotton pads to wipe my makeup away with. Thanks to Saizen and their 2-in-1 bundles, I got two boxes of cotton pads/puffs for Php 85!

There's been a serious buzz about Cyleina soaps. I'm such a newbie, I only heard of them recently, but apparently, they've been around for quite a while. I got this from Watsons in Galleria for Php 65. You know me, I'm partial to local and organic brands. I'm sure this one will fare very well with me. I still have to consume my other soaps though. The review on this will have to wait. :)

For more information, check out the Cyleina website and Multiply site. They carry a wide variety of soaps and other organic products. You can also try to check out your local Watsons or SM Department Store for availability and stocks. The price ranges from Php 65 to 125.

Aaaand lastly, I grabbed a gift for my friend, Justine, who just graduated from CSB. Oooh, I hope she likes this! In case you haven't noticed, Snoe is one of my faves. I've reviewed a considerable number of their products on this blog. 

That's about it. I'm so stoked to review these and more! (which reminds me, I have tons of backlogs to work on and accomplish!) *facepalm* But anyway, I hope you're enjoying your Friday the 13th as well. If you're superstitious, try to beg to differ. They say today's quite unlucky, but I believe that it's ultimately in our hands what to do with our luck. We can always turn it around, y'know! It's all about perspective, in my honest opinion. So think of it this way, refuse to be part of the unlucky bandwagon and make your luck work for you! It wouldn't hurt to try. ;)

SGT <3

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