Paola's Farewell Dinner

Last night, my college friends, the UPLB Jocks, and I all trooped down to Marikina to have dinner with our good friend, Paola, who's leaving for Australia on Sunday. She'll be studying there for the next couple of years. We just couldn't pass up the chance to see her before she leaves.

Pesto and spaghetti were served, along with some of Paola's faves from Ristretto - garlic bread and fudge brownies. 

It's always sad to see a friend go, but ultimately, all the best you can ever do is hope for the best and pray that her trip will be as smooth-sailing as it can get. You also secretly wish for pasalubongs and gifts from where she's going. Kidding!

All the best, Pao! We know you'll make it big wherever in the world you decide to set foot in. You're one of the strongest and most determined people I know. Please say hi to the kangaroos and the koalas over there for us. And don't forget to snag a blue-eyed Aussie beau while you're at it! :))

(your faux inaanak)
Adj/Sadie <3

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