SGT Goes to Bonifacio Global City

So, as the title suggests, I was in Bonifacio Global City... High Street to be exact. It's my third time in that area. I wasn't really a big fan of the place and I don't exactly frequent BGC for a number of reasons. First, is it just me or is it too far from the "center" of Metro Manila. (Maybe it's just me, but when a place is not along EDSA, it's already far. LOL!) Second, we find the traffic and road systems there too confusing. :( Third, uhhh, I was just not fond of the place. But everything seemed to change today! I saw a big portion of BGC when I rode the shuttle bus from Ayala going there. I saw how developed it is already and how clean the entire place is! No wonder people rave about it!

Anyway, I was there for a good reason. I was scheduled for an interview. Still not telling where and for what company. The interview went well, I think. I left the building in high spirits. :) All I know is I did everything I could to impress the [insert swear word here] out of them. ;) Hehe.

I was with my graduation seat-mate, Kym, as she had a separate interview in Market! Market! We decided to meet up before our interviews and reconvene afterwards. We ran into each other in Fully Booked, where we scoured the sale racks and drooled over the wall-to-wall shelves of literature. It was like letting a kid loose in a candy store... except we were suffering from budgetary dehydration -- this is just my obnoxious way of saying that I can't afford to buy a lot of things at the moment! Soon. Mark my words. I will have more than enough to drown the socks off my brain in literature, soon. 

These shots were taken in my mom's office in Ortigas, BTW.

After Fully Booked, we decided to check out EchoStore in Serendra (which is just across the street!). I wanted to see if they carried Ilog Maria soaps and other products which I have been dying to try. I don't know what it is but recently, I developed an affinity and fondness for locally-produced organic products. I'm a proud advocate of anything PH-made! And organic products are really great investments. There are no cruel chemicals present. They might be a tad bit pricier but you're paying for your health and well-being in the long run, so yeah, count me in! I know I'm not supposed to spend so much, but I've just been dying to get my hands on these goodies that I can't pass up the chance to grab 'em!

EchoStore is truly eco-friendly! No plastics allowed. ;)
Lavender and Honey soap (left)
Bamboo-charcoal soap (right)
A few more vanity shots. :3
Really digging these arm candies from Landmark!
Plus they matched my outfit perfectly!
When dressing up for an interview, keep it classy. It's always better to be clad in formal clothes (even if the  vibe in the office is casual). You'd always want to put your best foot forward and it shows on your choice of clothing and makeup. As for the makeup, I suggest you keep it simple. Avoid going for the smokey eye and intense red lipstick. I chose a golden-pink hue for my base and a golden-brown for my crease. Added a flick of black liquid eyeliner, a light brush of pink blush, and a mauvey-pink lip. You'd want your achievements to stand out, not your glaring red lips or your intense smokey-eye. ;) Just a few tips.

Also, pack a pair of slippers like the one I had below. It's really hard to rely on heels, especially if you're not used to wearing them. You might end up with blisters (like I did, thanks unused heels!) and since it's already raining cats and dogs everywhere, a pair of slippers or sandals might just be your best bet if you want to avoid looking like a mad woman slipping and tripping all over. Oh, and bring an umbrella ALWAYS! You never know how the weather's gonna get!

I put these on as soon as my interview was over. My feet were getting battered from the yellow heels I was wearing. :( Commuting is always a big obstacle when dressing up! Please pardon the madungis feet. I've been walking in mud and puddles all day. :|

Oh, I also received my package from Human Nature today! I ordered a second bottle of their AMAZING Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil and their Colored Lip Balm (in Island Kiss)

Almost there!
Hooray! :D
It's been a long and very fruitful day! Despite the gray cloud that's been looming over Metro Manila, there just isn't no raining on my parade. Keep the good vibes rolling, universe! :)

SGT <3

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