Weekend Warriors: Taking Time Off in Taal

If I had a peso for every time I wake up to this amazing view, I'd be one lucky girl... oh, and I'd be rich! Did I mention, the Taal Lake view was to the right?

Over the long weekend, my mom and decided to make me drive down to Taal, Batangas. Mom's friend had been bugging her to come by for a visit, and after years and years of insistent demand, we finally had the time.

Tita Sol (the homeowner) married a British national named Peter. They were gracious enough to have us over for lunch and check us in to a nice resort within the village.

Though the drive to Taal was pretty intense (and dangerous!) due to the slopes and the endless blind curves, the whole adventure was surely worth it.

I needed a break. Life was becoming too unbearable lately. I'd been stressed out and I'd forgotten what it's like to spend just one weekend with the people I love. I just needed a weekend away from my laptop, from mindless phone calls from work (disregarding the need for space and boundaries), and from all the complications. Aside from one afternoon of rush work deadlines (thanks a lot), I was able to just kick back and breathe normally for the first time in a long time.

So here we are, one fine Friday in Taal, just thanking my lucky stars for a chance to be feeling this alive.

This is becoming my signature pose. Haha!
My cousin Mary Rose, my mom, me and my dad. :)
With the Strong family dog, Tonto. He's a rescue. We hit it off quite well! :)
Chilling in their bahay kubo in the garden with the gracious hosts.
22 years later and they still are paparazzi-worthy without being nausea-inducing.

Waterfalls are fun, don't you think?

Buena Vista Country Club was such a nice retreat. It's FAR from the bustlin' city life, alright. You're sure to get some peace and quiet during your stay. Too bad they didn't offer massages or anything of that sort, but they had an Olympic-size pool, a private pool for the villas, a gym facility, a badminton court, a basketball court, bikes for rent, a playground, and a nice quaint restaurant service that offered delectable dishes for affordable prices!

It also helps that the place is easy on the eyes. Built on top of the hills, the resort is sure to whisk you away from all your worries.

Mom, dad, and the kids!
A standard room, with two beds, costs Php 2,200 per night. Not bad!

Enjoying the warm sunshine!
The Magdato ladies are such big hams for the cam!
And of course, no blog post goes without the quintessential vanity shot, as this is, after all, MY blog.

I'll have you know that I've been road-testing my new baby, a jet-black Canon Power Shot. Model and unit will remain undisclosed, as I have yet to tinker around with it. ;)

Kicking it back in comfy pants and a t-shirt. Shirt: People Are People | Pants: from Bangkok | Flip-flops: Havaianas

Trying out my new BB cream from The Face Shop (review will be up soon, I promise), as well as my concealing cream from Maxipeel (which I adore!).
The drive home was far safer. We took the STAR Tollway route (which was easier and we were too late in realizing that). Hence, this shot of Mount Makiling. :)

Afterwards, we had a late lunch in Conti's. I had their angel-hair puttanesca (going vegetarian again!) and for dessert, their heavenly sans rival and renowned mango bravo!

That's it for me this weekend! I hope you enjoyed yours as well. Tell me all about it, yeah? :)


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