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Hey! Ho! How's everyone doing? Gosh! I can't believe it took me weeks to get back here again! I've been crazy busy traveling all over the Philippines for work lately, I barely had even enough time to take a breather.

Writing can be such a release for me. Despite all the stress and worries that have been plaguing me, even in my dreams, I know that I can always go back to that one happy place, tie all my frustrations to my word balloons, and let them go. 

Life may have thrown in a few storms here and there, but I'm so glad to have a solid rock to rely on in times of tough winds. I'm grateful for the rain and for the silver linings that never fail to remind me never to wither away with troubles, but to grow through them, to become better despite them, and to inspire others to do the same.

Moved by the figurative winds, this outfit is something I wouldn't normally wear on a day-to-day basis. My mom got it for me from Mint. I was saving it for a special occasion, and that very moment came in the form of Sinulog Festival Queen in Cebu.

One of our brands sponsored in the event and we were fortunate enough to score VIP seats to see such an amazing show!

Basically, they search for the most beautiful and most graceful muse from among all the contingents in the current Sinulog Festival, to be the face of the whole festivities. It was just spectacular!

 Dress: Mint
Heels: Charles and Keith

Meet my good friend from work, Liz! She took my pictures for this very post. Thanks, Liz! :)

We're just big goof balls, that's all!

Don't let the winds knock you down. Go with it, fight through it, whatever you do, let them take you where you want to be.

Check out these snapshots of the Sinulog Festival Queen! The first photo shows the 2-minute sampler performance of each contingent for the festival proper, along with their muse. The last two shots show two of the contestants vying for the title, as they dance along to the Sinulog, with the Santo Nino in their hands. Look at their elaborate dresses!


Happy weekend! :)

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