Scarlet Sunday

Now that we're on the topic of catching up on my backlogs, here's another one from not-so-long-ago.

It's no big secret that my family and I love spending our weekends in Tagaytay (it's just 20 minutes away from our home). So, on my dad's last weekend with us (before he flew out for work), we had our usual prospects - mass and breakfast at Mile Hi Diner.

I've been browsing through a lot of hipster and bohemian blogs and mood board inspirations, hence my style sensibilities lately.

You've probably seen these boots a couple of times here. Well, they're my only pair of boots and I adore them to death! I wish I'd gotten them in gray and black, but since they're phased out, I'm left in shambles. :(

The Batik top came from Zamboanga, my dad's hometown. It's been stuck in my closet for a while and haven't quite found the right day and weather to don it out. Luckily, one sunny Sunday, it had a chance to show itself to the rest of the world!

Batik Dress from Zamboanga
Boots: Payless
Bangles: Luxe and Luster
Belt: Genevieve Gozum

I wonder where this Sunday will take me. ;)


  1. Hi dear! So cute naman ng batik mo..You really have a nice and neat blog. Come visit mine and might follow each other, I'm a thrift addict too. Let us share our thrift treasures.. ;)


    1. Hi, Cassie! Aww thank you so much! Sure. :)

      Hope you like my posts so far. ;)