My Week in Photos: Bittersweet Farewell

Hello! I know I've been putting off way too much lately, but it's mostly because a.) I am very sick, and b.) I have a lot to catch up on at work, especially since I have a little over two weeks left here. Yes, I have resigned from my very first job after college. And no, there are no bitter feelings on my end. I just need to focus on conquering grad school right now and need to make it my top priority. 

Just to give everyone a sneak peek into my uber hectic life, here's a rundown of what went down last week. I'm really just making the most out of my remaining weeks with my current company. I've had my share of fun, but sometimes, we have to grow up and move on.

Before me, my good friend Rae resigned as well and he will be taking on a  steeper hill. I know he can do it. He's always been a fighter and his can-do spirit is just admirable. Here's a tribute to his last week with the company and his last few events with us.

Skin White Enchant Prom @ the EDSA Shangri-la
Rae, being interviewed by the Lifestyle Network!
We'll miss our late nights at the office.
All the wonderful memories captured in photo booth shots.
We make a great team!
The balloon drop never fails to amaze me. (Thanks, Candy!)
Who says you can't recycle your graduation dress?
Hi, Ria! Let's hit the beach soon, yes?

Wining and Dining @ the Makati Shangri-la

I'm not much of a wine person but this is really gooood.
Champagne. That's more like it.
An attempt to capture my #ootd moment.
Take me to sugar land! I just can't get enough of desserts!

Surprise Send-off Party!
Our BAG family treated us to a night of kulit. Overwhelmed! Thanks, guys!
Our new favorite poison! Taken at Imperial Bar at the Fort Strip.
A nightcap with vodka seems inevitable. Thanks to Dominic for accommodating us!
Rae treated us to a despedida lunch the next day at California Pizza Kitchen.

Skin White Enchant Prom @ the Marriott Hotel
I rarely wear a red lip, but for this occasion, how can I not? :)
Wearing the BYS Lipstick in Cherry Black.

With the Pit Senyor! girls, Ericka and Liz.
Another attempt at an #ootd shot. Haha! Dress is from H&M.

Please pardon the quality of the photos. They were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Ace.

I'll post more updates soon! I have so muuuuch product reviews I can't wait to share with everyone! I had a very interesting visit to the department store yesterday and I got some pretty interesting items (there goes my sweldo!) So stay tuned for that and more! ;)

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