While I'm Alive

Hola, chicas! It's a hump day Wednesday and I write to you now straight from my bed as I laze around and chill out. I can't even begin to describe how exhausted I am today, but I just really want to check in on everyone, in my continuous attempts to update this blog as often as I humanly can. Yay! :)

Earlier today, my work friends, Sha and Rae invited me for a lunch out at the infamous International House of Pancakes (IHOP) over at High Street (which, thankfully, is a few walks away from where I work).

While waiting for our turn to be seated, Sha took my outfit shots outside. That's CPK behind me, by the way. :)

I was feeling a little more vintage-y and hipstrrrr than usual. It's been a looong time since I last threw on something I really felt like wearing. I dunno. It just gets so katamad to dress up sometimes. If you notice, I haven't really posted much lately. BUT! I'm trying so very hard to change that!

These were taken with my Samsung phone. Surprising how well they turned out, thanks to the Instagram-like app, Pixlr.com. If you happen to be on Instagram, you can catch me there: ajmsaavedra and see what else I have up my sleeve. ;)

Top: Vintage
Random Belt
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Parisian

Right, you're probably wondering about the title of the post, yeah? I was just listening to new indie stuff earlier today I'll catch you guys another day, yeah? Good night and sweet dreams. :)