Urban Enchantment

Halloween has gone and passed, but the fun will surely stay with us.

I never really experienced Trick-or-Treat where I grew up, and it wasn't until last year that I first got my feet wet with the whole shenanigan of dressing up as someone else for Halloween. I know it's not commonplace here in the Philippines to practice the said occasion, but over the years it has grown popularity and more kids are getting into the groove of dressing up as their favorite characters, knocking on neighbors' and family friends' doors for some candy.

This year, for our office Halloween party, our team chose to go as Pinoy fantasy characters. It's about time we pay homage to the amazing array of creativity us Pinoys have!

Anyway, I went as Faye, the leading lady character from the old sit-com-turned-movie, Okay Ka Fairy Ko!

I hand-made the floral crown and the gown is from when I was a debutante. Amazing how I can still fit into a dress I wore when I turned 18!

The makeup was also my own doing. I just looked up ideas and pegs from Pinterest, grabbed some sequins, some falsies, some lash glue, and voila!

For an occasion that only happens once a year, my kuripot self just can't bear the thought of splurging on a one-time-use outfit... and so I decided to get creative.

Photos by Ja Quintana

Tell me all about your DIY Halloween look!


  1. Love love the dress and its color. Also love your floral crown ;)