Beat the Blues

It's no wonder people look forward to weekends. After a week-long battle with work or school, or basically just about anything that gives us the blues, a nice time to chill out with family or even some time alone are worth getting antsy about.

During weekends, my Mom and I like to drive up to Tagaytay to hear mass and have an affordable but super sulit breakfast. This time, we tagged along Tita Dayan and Mama Terry. I still wasn't feeling much better, but quality time with the people I love is something I just can't pass up on.

By the way, please try Mile Hi Diner's All-Day Filipino Breakfast and their Garlic and Mushrooms. You won't be sorry! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

About my makeup, it's been a while since I last wore a red lip, and since I figured I was taking the simple, no-fuss look anyway, I might as well make bawi with something that says it all. What better way to up the ante than a red lippie? With a swipe of golden brown shadow on my lids plus a golden highlight on the browbone, a quick liquid eyeliner flick, and drawn eyebrows, I was all set. If there's one thing I regret not doing, it's putting on mascara. I felt incomplete the entire day! :(

I'm challenging myself to work on limiting my makeup time to AT LEAST 5 to 10 minutes! It's hard, trust me. With the right amount of determination and practice, I might just win that bet. ;)

The lippie I'm wearing is from NYX, called Raisin. 

Here they are just outside the diner.

Aaand now for some outfit shots I made my mom took... Hehe. I was taking a cue from the stunning Vern Enciso as I dared to don a full-on blue ensemble! Incidentally, I got these shorts from their (her and her sister, Verniece) booth at Bloggers United 3.

The cozy knit sweater was salvaged from a recent ukay trip, which I told you about here. Expect to see more of my thrift picks in future outfit posts. ;)

I love that the sweater was, in itself, an accessory. It packed the right amount of sparkle and shine, and so I felt that additional bling is no longer necessary. Well, that, and I was rushing to get to the church, just in time before the mass begins. Haha!

Knit Sweater: Thrifted
Shorts: Vern and Verniece, Bloggers United 3
Flats: Crocs

Some more fun shots after breakfast...

Natural lighting can do wonders for a photograph. It instantly removes all blemishes and imperfections. Plus, it makes subjects glow for some inexplicable reason. ;)

Guys and gals, natural light is your best friend. Harsh lighting can make you look tired or stressed in photographs. So try to go out as much as you can. Sunlight is basically nature's Photoshop! Haha! But of course, slap on a good layer of sunblock before you step into the light. ;)

That is it for me! I'm off to spend another loving night in my lovely bed. Hopefully, I'll bounce back to health by morning! :)

SGT <3


  1. wow!! what a great ukay find!!! :) bagay din sa rainy season ngayon :)


    1. Thanks, Hazel! The summer dresses take a backseat. It's time for sweaters and outerwear to take center stage. ;)

  2. Following you already! Thank you! ;-)