The Correlation Between the Rain and Being Alone

On rainy days like these, I like to spend some time alone.

Because I have a couple of errands to run and a few payments to endorse, I decided to go to Alabang after all the items on my to-do list have been crossed off. When I got to Alabang Town Center, the weather was already gloomy and sleepy. Still, the chilly air-conditioned sitch at the mall didn't stop me. First stop: Sesou Nature Source over at the new wing. I had a ball looking around and trying all sorts of things. Sesou is interesting because they not only carry organic products, but support local enterprise as well. Many so-called hard-to-find products can be seen here. Plus, their customer-service is unrelenting and very helpful. Follow them on Twitter if you wish to know more about product availability and whatnot. :)

I thought I should check out Strip-It waxing kit (something I've been pining to do for months now). I like going to waxing salons but I'll see if this contender (and my DIY prowess) can keep up with professionally-done waxing jobs. *fingers crossed*

A small tub costs Php 199 (about $5). It's actually an entire sugaring kit that includes a spatula and a reusable strip cloth. Oh, and it comes with instructions too. What I love about cold wax (as per my experience with having my waxing done in Lay Bare), is that scalding your skin is not a problem. It hurts the same but the burning your skin factor is totally out of the picture. Anyway, I'm going to review this one in the near future. Stay tuned. ;)

Then, I ate at Ramen X for lunch. They have really affordable prices and TREMENDOUS servings. Plus, they really mean when they say they serve soul food. Somehow, when you down that last spoonful of soup, your soul will sing hallelujah! It's my second time to go there and I have a feeling today won't be my last. :)

Photos are from the Ramen X Facebook Page

The menu.
I ordered the Shoyu Ramen, which is a soy-based noodle soup with roast pork and cabbage. Expect to see a bigger serving in real life. It's really sulit. I can't believe I only paid Php 99 for this! This can actually serve 2 people's hungers but I'm starving so I managed to finish an entire bowl by myself. :| Paired it with their red iced tea. I can almost hear my intestines sing with utter joy! ;)

After a beyond satisfying and sinfully gratifying lunch, I managed to go astray and stumble upon Pop Culture. Got these for Php 100! So cute! Those are cherries, by the way. :P

And after swatching many NYX Watches over at Pretty Goddess, I decided to hit the supermarket to run one last errand so I can go home. On my way home, I stopped by Watsons to grab a bottle of nail polish remover but ended up taking home these wonderful items.

Style on Air earrings
Glam Works goat's milk soap with oatmeal (got two bars  for 59.75)
A bottle of nail polish remover
That is it for my mini-field trip to Alabang. Glad to have made it home in one piece! It's scary driving back from Alabang to Santa Rosa. The fog in SLEX + the splish-splash of water from other cars fogged my vision a bit. It's harder than usual to drive in this weather. Please be careful everyone! And enjoy the cold breeze! ;)

Oh yeah, about the title. I can't seem to think of anything better to say. Besides, this entry is just a sneak-peek into what went on in my side of the world on this stormy Monday. They say that when it rains, it pours. I say, just take it all in and savor the moment before the downpour of blessings from above stops. I'm just super happy from all the great news I've been getting that I needed some time alone to process things and think about what I really want and what I have to do to get to where I need to be. Anywaaaay, I'll keep you guys posted. Again, I don't wanna jinx anything by revealing too much. I'm just very grateful for all the sunshine (ironic since it's stormy) that I've been getting. :)

I'm babbling again. Ending this post now. Bye!

SGT <3

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