Weekend Warriors: Pink Sisters + Mile Hi Diner

Every weekend my mom and I try to unwind. She's been very stressed at work, so whenever we get the chance, we make gala. This Sunday's choice of destination: nearby Tagaytay City. It's roughly a 30-minute drive from our house, so getting there isn't much of a hassle. Plus, we really like hearing mass at the Pink Sisters Chapel. The mass there is so solemn and the place is just downright comforting. Afterwards, we headed to our new-found fave breakfast place, the Mile Hi Diner on the opposite side of Tagaytay. They also serve full meals and appetizers for lunch, dinner, and happy hour. :)

Check out what happened here. Warning: Photo-heavy post up ahead. ;)

I love their 50's-inspired interiors!
My mommy! :)
Some of their selections of wine.

The female restroom. Guess who's posted on the male side?
Saloon-style restrooms  a la Wild, Wild West!
...it's Zorro!
Some souvenirs and items you can take home.
The view from our table. Woops. Stupid menu's blocking the way. :))
Effervescent. :)
Managed to squeeze in some vanity shots too.
I was playing around with my camera's features and settings. Check out the end-products:

Selective color: Red
Pretty neat, eh? ;)
Selective color: Yellow
That's my mango shake. <3
I had this watch since I was a kid!
Arm candy. :)
I'm not dead, okay? I just used the selective coloring option. ;)
Chipped nails = NO-NO! Not a pretty sight. :-/
Overlooking the view outside.
Our usuals. :) Above: mine, Below: Mommy's
The food is very good! (hey, that rhymes!) LOL. For about Php 150 (around $4), you will get a full meal with rice, a viand, and a side of tomatoes and a leaf of fresh Tagaytay lettuce! The mango shake costs Php 70 (less than $2). We walked out of Mile Hi Diner with full tummies and uplifted spirits, for sure! :)

Do we look an awful lot like each other?
Awkward leg alert! :)) I'm not the best poser in the world, I know! 

Striped top: from Greenhills
Black cover-up: Penshoppe
Belt: Genevieve Gozum
Pants: Terranova
Sandals: from Liliw

First two bracelets: from Landmark
Last three bangles: from Quiapo

Took some more vanity shots while waiting for mom in the car, as she purchases fruits for our table. :)

No foundation day today! Just used the following:

Hope your weekend went extremely well! I know mine did! Heard some very good news about a possible career here in the Philippines. I might not have to leave after all! ;)

It's true what they say, when one door closes, another door opens. In my case, about ten bigger ones opened up in place of that one I've been waiting on for 8 months. T____T We'll see how things will go. I don't want to jinx it! >_< Wish me luck! :)

SGT <3